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Permanent Outdoor Installations
1965 "Standing Shape", steel, Elblag City, Poland. Created 1965.
1985 "Katarsis", 33 figures, bronze, Spazi d'Arte, Giuliano Gori collection, Italy. Created 1985.
1987 "Negev", 7 discs lime stone, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Created 1987. 
1988 "Space of Dragon", 10 metaphoric animal heads, bronze, Olympic Park, Seoul, S.Korea. Created 1985.
1990 "Neun Figuren Raum", bronze, Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany. Created 1990.
1991 Four sculptures from the cycle "Sagacious Heads", bronze, John Kluge collection, Charlottesville, Virginia. Created 1989.
1992 "Sagacious Head" with "Standing Figure", bronze, Nagoya City Art Museum, Japan. Created 1989.
1992 "Sagacious Heads", two sculptures from the cycle, bronze, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA. Created 1989.
1993 "Hand -like Trees", 5 sculptures, bronze, Runnymede Sculptur Farm, Woodside, California, USA. Created 1992.
1993 "Space of Becalmed Beings", group of 40 figures, bronze, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan. Created 1993.
1993 "One of the Crowd"", bronze, Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan. Created 1993. 
1994 "Sarcophagi in Glass Houses", 4 forms, wood, metal glass, Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, NY, USA. Created 1983-99. 
1994 "Manus", from the cycle "Hand - like Trees", bronze, Western Washington University Bellingham. Created 1994.
1994 "Magnus", from the cycle "Hand - like Trees", bronze, Spazi d' Arte, Giuliano Gori collection, Italy. Created 1994.
1995 "Bronze Crowd", 36 bronze figures, The Nasher Collection, Dallas, Texas, USA. Created 1990/91. 
1997 "Cecyna", from the cycle "Hand - like Trees", bronze, Ground for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey, USA. Created 1994.
1997/98 "Space of Unknown Growth", 22 forms of different size, concrete, collection of Europos Parkas, Lithuania. Created 1997/98. 
1998 "Fish", bronze, Metropolitano Orient Station, Lisboa, Portugal. Created 1997/98.
1999 "30 Bronze Standing Figures", Nelson - Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Missouri USA. Created 1994/98/99.
1999 "Camminando", 20 walking figures, bronze, private collection Napa Valley, California, USA. Created 1998/99.
1999 "Figura Prima", from the cycle "Hand - like Trees", bronze, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Created 1995.
1999 "Puellae", group of 30 figures, bronze, National Gallery of Art, Sculpture Garden, Washington DC, USA. Created 1992.
2000 "Figura Rompa"", from the cycle "Hand - like Trees", bronze, Biarritz, France. Created 1995.
2000 "Manus Ultimus", from the cycle  "Hand -like Trees",  bronze, Jardin  des Tuileries, Paris, France. Created  1998/99
2000 "Black Crowd", 20 figures, bronze, Museum Wurth, Kunzelsau, Germany. Created 2000
2000 "Figura Ultima", from the cycle "Hand-like  Trees", bronze, Museum Wurth, Kunzelsau, Germany. Created 1995
2000 "Figure on Trunk",  bronze, Metropolitan  Museum, New York, NY. Created 1998/2000
2000 "Figure on Trunk", bronze, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.Created  2000
2000 "Figure on Beam with Wheels", bronze, Toledo Art Museum, Toledo, Ohio, USA
2000 "Figure  on Trunk with Wheels", bronze, two versions: 
"Large Figure on Trunk with Wheels" 
"Slim Figure on Trunk with Wheels",  both in  Spazi d'Arte, Giuliano Gori collection, Italy. Created 1998/2000. 
2001 "Birds of Knowledge of Good and Evil", 6 sculptures, aluminium, Woman's Club of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. Created 2001
2001 "Mutants", 6 sculptures, stainless steel, collection of Artist's Garden, Warsaw, Poland. Created 2001/ 2002
2001 "Mutant", stainless steel, Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany. Created 2001
2002 "Hand-like Trees", 4 sculptures, bronze, Civic and Cultural Center of Brea. Created 1994/1995
2002 "Unrecognised", 112 iron figures, Cytadel Park, Poznan, Poland. Created 2001/2002
2003 "Open Air Aquarium", 30 stainless steel fish, Philadelphia,USA. Created 2002
2003 "Space of Stone", 22 granite stones, Ground for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey, USA.Created 2001/ 2002
2004 "Big Figures", 20 bronze figures, Princeton University, Princeton, USA. Created 2001/2004
2005 "Camminando-Peripatein", 20 walking, figures, bronze, private collection in Napa Valley, California, USA
2005 "Five Running", bronze, Phoenix Art Museum Sculpture Garden, Phoenix, USA
2006 20 Vancouver Walking Figures, iron cast figures, Vancouver, Canada
2006 "Agora", 106 iron cast figures, Chicago Grant Park, Chicago, USA (inauguration in November, 2006)